About this project

This site is a journal of the process while working on the project:

“Diary in Blue and Brown”

The finished work will amount to 86 paintings, which stacked up will measure the same height as me: 172 cm

The format of each painting will be 60 x 50 cm – which is the approximate space I take up while walking on the earth

The colours I have chosen are:

Prussian Blue, the coldest colour, associated with the distant sky and the loneliness of a moody twilight.

Brown, or to be more precise; Raw Umber, representing the earth and the comforting nausea of sleepy habits and the ultimate colour of decay.

White is allowed – as a mitigating circumstance.

Figurations are derived from snapshots taken by me with my smartphone. – When brief moments are converted to oil painting, there is a chance to discover something “more” than the snapshot initially reveals, simply because of the time invested in looking and contemplating what is experienced.

This project is thereby an invitation to us all to spend more time with each experience.

After “Diary in Blue and Brown” has been shown in its entirety the canvasses will be sold as individual pieces and thereby the project will be spread appearing in different homes or workspaces. As we all leave traces and interact with each other’s memories in fragments.

Welcome to my journey. I hope you stick around and keep me company.