About me

I am a PAINTER….. And a curious person. I just finished 5 years of study in Gerrit Rietveld Academy of fine arts in Amsterdam which left me with a lot of inspiration, a bachelor degree and a nomination for the Buning Brongers Prijzen.

I’m one of the lucky ones on planet earth: I’m financially well of, I am healthy, I travel, I have wise, beautiful and healthy kids. A handsome and kind husband, many fun and lovable friends. I’m middle-aged but still fairly good looking.

I’m happy.

My only problem is I have too little time. Time to paint, to contemplate and to digest all that I experience.  I tend to say yes to too many parties. And the world is so amazing and I want to experience it all. So I travel way too much for my eco-conscience.

Right now I compensate for my ‘happiness constipation’ by painting scenes from my privileged life (see About this project)

I have exhibited several places see C.V. at www.charlotteneel.dk