Exhibit # 6


This is not a cobra, it is a dinosaur.

The other day, my senses tricked me. In a shop window, I thought I saw an elephant but it turned out to be a tea cosy. I laughed at myself, but later the same thing happened; in the darkness of the museum, listening to weird music while looking at the light show that was the artwork, I saw my husband bend over a woman on the floor talking intimately to her. I was standing at the wall while a lot of people were lying on the floor where they could see the light show from below. I was puzzled when I saw him approach the young woman, and because I earlier that day had had the experience of my senses playing me a trick, I thought this could also happen to him, so I was waiting for him to realize his mistake. As he didn’t pull away I got curious as to how long he would continue talking to her (I imagined that he believed he was talking to me). He kept talking and my curiosity turned into wonder, mild anger and finally irritation. ‘But surely, by now he must realize…’ All kinds of questions and accusations started to trouble my mind. Did he know her? Was he aware that I was watching him talking to her or did he believe that I couldn’t see them in the dark? Should I interfere and ask him what this was all about?

Finally, he turned away from her and got up. – It wasn’t my husband after all.

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