Exhibit # 5


Come, be silent. Hear the wisdom of the fool. 

On the path between death and rebirth, I can hear his jolly footsteps.

Is he dancing in Limbo-land? What is his secret, why is he not afraid?

‘When there is nothing to lose, there is all to gain…’ He smiles at me and when I looked puzzled he explains; ‘A misfit doesn’t have to bend and stretch, bite the grass or cut a tongue to be a part. A misfit is free to be unique. A misfit is free to die and let die, to be born and reborn in new shapes’.

He takes a jar and drinks from it. ‘What is that elixir?’ I ask.  He lets me have a sip of it.  ‘A mixture of curiosity and joy?’ I ask

He laughs and leans over toward me and whispers in my ear with the voice of whipped cream and king blue velvet:

‘Now; close your eyes and open your mind…’



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