Exhibit #3

The order of time; beginning or end?

A photo, from a holiday or an ordinary day. A photo someone else has shot.

It wants something from me. I need to translate the puzzle into a painting. My job is to witness and mirror back the question in a different medium, that of paint.

I’m like a bell being hit, the photo resonates an atmosphere or a sentiment in me. It feels like a cloud, it is hazy and unclear and I want to reveal more of it. That’s why I paint. With a stroke, a colour, intensifying this part as opposed to this I try to approach the question without answering it.


October 1. What is it about this image that attracts me so much? Is it the knowledge that the famous Danish poet H.C. Andersen was inspired by this statue of a pig to write a story?

October 5. I changed the colours a bit. I needed more drama, and the balance was wrong. I like it better now; the scene where the people, young and old, gather around  ‘Il Porcellino’, a bronze statue of a pig in Florence, that is said to be able to bring you happiness, if you place a coin in its mouth.

– Everybody is longing for happiness, but are we looking for it in the right places?

October, 11. No, It’s not the boy patting the pig that’s interesting. It’s the man touching the snout of the pig through his camera. He seems to have a strong relation to ‘Il Porcellino’ who is looking straight at him. As would it say: ‘I know what you wish for: You wish to find your face, painter’. I decrease the clarity of the middle ground and intensify the hat and the phone and the face of the pig.

They unite in a bright blue.

When the man turned around, after he took his photograph, I saw that his face was missing.

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