Exhibit # 2


Win-win situation

I pay homage to the doves. Mimicking liveliness in the dead birds. While emphasising anonymity of the person carrying them. It is a scene from a dove shooting in South Africa. We were helping a farmer to scare of the thieves of his crop. The thieves, in this case, were the doves.

As the sounds of shooting started village people came out of nowhere. The empty flat plains were all of a sudden filled with children who curiously looked at us while they silently approached us. Alert and ready to jump up and run.

This boy ran to collect the birds as they fell. We didn’t talk about it in advance but clearly, he expected money or meat in exchange for his service, That only seemed fair. We could in no circumstance eat all the birds that fell from the sky.

It was a win-win situation.

I shot with my camera. My husband shot with the gun. The village people got unexpected meat. The farmer was for a short time relieved of the extra mouths to feed.

Thank you doves, may your wings be ever vibrant and remind us how brief freedom of life is.


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