Exhibit # 1

“Why are you here?” she asked. “To reflect you back to the sky” he answered

Some pieces of furniture are not meant to be used for practical purposes. They look like they are, but really, they are more meant to appear. I used to be a model when I was very young. And as such, I was not really meant to be used either, for other purposes than for appearance.

When I got this piece of furniture I was young. A lover had it made for me. It is called a dressing table. But I prefer the French term: ‘Boudoir’! Just taste the word; ‘Boudoir’. It is so naughty, so full of steamy sensuality and secrets. It is a place for a pause, a place to take pleasure in the reflection in the mirror. It is a place for celebrating vanity and enjoying the fleeting kiss of youth. And of course, a place to prepare yourself for meeting your lover, granting him the best you have got.

What might be inside, beneath the skirts? Whispers of dreams and desires, fantasies of princes that would come and seduce the innocent princess might back then be found in the drawers.  Hidden desires enveloped in beauty, sensuality and a sweet underlying excitement of sexuality and power.

The Boudoir has followed me in decades. And now it has become an item that reminds me of me, more than I like to admit.

A dated version with drawers full of makeup that is not in use anymore. Dried out nail polish. Band-aid in many sizes and pills for all purposes. False eyelashes, a wig from a costume party….. Bijouteri and things I don’t know where else to put.

Like my mind, it is full of drawers with mostly heavy and useless things that I do not have the heart to throw away.

But there are still a dream or two in there to be found if one looks closer.

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